Magnificent May: Certified Organic Blueberries, Strawberries and Peaches

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Magnificent May: Certified Organic Blueberries, Strawberries and Peaches


After a cool, rainy start to spring here in the Central Valley the season is now truly underway. Our Certified Organic Peach orchards are filled with fruits that are bathing in the California sunshine and filling out while developing that optimal sweetness that we all love. Fresh, sweet, plump and pleasantly tangy Certified Organic Strawberries have been arriving in our drying facilities from our trusted grower-partner in nearby Watsonville and Certified Organic Blueberries from our neighboring fields are perfectly ripening and getting ready to harvest. The arrival of these fruits fill us with promise and optimism. We invite you to take a few moments to stop, breathe and take in the miracles of the season while appreciating the measures taken by ethical, conscientious growers who are working to make the Earth a healthier place to live and people thrive through real, honest nutrition! And among those people who seek ethically-sourced foods are you and your customers, right?!


Hibiscus Tea infused with Bella Viva Orchards Organic Fruit 


At Bella Viva Orchards, we grow our Certified Organic Yellow Peaches in an estate orchard that’s been in our family since 1987. The variety, the Angelus, is one that is uncommon in the fresh market. We grow it because of their incredible flavor, texture, aroma, sweetness, color and softball-like size. These Certified Organic Dried Yellow Peaches lend themselves to a broad range of sweet and savory applications (think about giving them a spicy and hot treatment for a healthier snack food or ordering them diced to spec to use in your trail mixes, baked goods, beverages or globally-inspired products). If you want to enjoy them in the comfort of your own home, get in the kitchen and make a batch of Peach Glazed Salmon with Almonds.


Salmon with Bella Viva Organic Peaches and Almonds


Our Certified Organic Dried Strawberries are harvested just when they reach optimal sweetness and don’t need any additives or preservatives. These nutrition-packed fruits have an intense, sweet and tangy flavor that is clearly true Strawberry. Use them in your products just as we package them or let us know how we can dice them to make them ready to use in your lineup. One taste and we’re sure you’ll be getting busy in your test kitchen!


And those Certified Organic Dried Blueberries: Sustainably-grown by our nearby grower-partners, they have a beautiful moisture content and have true sweetness that comes from careful growing and drying practices. While they have great moisture, they are easy to transfer to your production environment without being sticky. Order some samples and you’ll understand why Bella Viva Orchards elevates this “superfood” to a higher level! At home, add a handful to your next batch of lemonade, wine or iced tea and enjoy their subtle sweetness as they plump up. While we celebrate Spring and celebrate these Certified Organic fruits, we also celebrate their integrity. Part of that integrity is the regenerative growing practices used for each of them, the fair working conditions in these growing environments and the purity of each product. Yes, they are all completely free of sweeteners and additives – including no added fruit juices. The sweetness comes from proper growing, harvesting and drying practices. Last month we talked about consumers demanding clean foods that are free of unnecessary sugars and additives. Well, that’s what we’re talking about with each of these healthful and versatile fruits. No added anything except care, attention and many years of constant refining of farming practices.

We invite you to check out Bella Viva Orchards’ Certified Organic Dried Yellow Peach SlicesCertified Organic Dried Strawberries and Certified Organic Dried Blueberries and we trust you’ll be inspired to bring them into products to delight your customers.


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Happy spring and happy clean eating, partners!