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Natural and Organic Dried Fruit

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Our Mission

To enhance the human experience through creating choices in the marketplace that are honestly nutritious, flavorful, visually pleasing and socially and environmentally just.

We understand what matters most: Food safety, transparency, and continuity of supply – all while delivering the very best flavor straight from nature, and providing consistency and competitive pricing. As your partner in innovation, we are committed to your success and here to support your efforts every step of the way. 

As pioneers and market leaders in the Natural Dried Fruit sector, it has been our privilege and honor to serve you and promote our message of a “Beautiful Life” – our wish for you – since 1988.

Our Products

Our proprietary method of drying fruits provides you with the unique quality you’ve been searching for - naturally.

Dried without the use of any additives, preservatives or added sugars, our products retain integrity of flavor, nutrition, and texture never before achieved in the industry.

Natural Organic Dried Pears
Bella Viva Dried Sweet Apples

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Our Partners

Who we serve

Whether you’re a product developer, procurement specialist, emerging brand, forager, or buyer, we serve as the link between raw product and your NPD and R&D needs. Leading the industry in natural dried fruit and dried fruit ingredients, our team of experts are ready to serve you.