New Product for You: Certified Organic Prunes!

Prunes in a Bowl

We at Bella Viva Orchards have grown and offered our retail customers our Certified Organic Prunes since 2021 with increased production and sales every year since. We’ve scaled our production to meet your business-to-business needs! We’re excited to announce that we are surpassing certified organic certification and working toward our Regenerative Organic certification, which is quite an uplevel, and meets the needs of our customers who wish to purchase and offer only regenerative organic ingredients and stand alone snacks


Sustainable Farming

What is Regenerative Organic farming? A quick explanation on what this is about: Focusing on soil health, animal welfare and social fairness for farmers. This relatively new program activated in 2020 with the goal of joining forces with other growers to promote regenerative organic growing practices and reduce emissions that can be captured and reused through our soil rather than releasing into the environment – essentially, taking conscious measures to help curb climate change and promote social fairness!


Our Certified Organic Prunes have been popular for these many years with steady sales growth among our retail customers for these reasons: They’re considered superfoods for their nutritional content and health benefits. Prune products have actually been sent in our NASA space capsules for the astronauts to eat to help curb bone shrinkage that occurs in space. True story, look it up!

Organic Pitted Prunes

But another reason they’re so popular – and one that might be important to you – is that our cofounder Victor Martino made a decision decades ago to dry these Prunes to the level where they are still plump, wonderfully intense in flavor, balanced with sweetness and gorgeous in appearance – but they are not ooey gooey sticky.

While how that all takes place is proprietary at Bella Viva Orchards, we think it’s a win-win. YES on all of the health benefits and YES on easy manageability of the actual product. You can very easily empty them out of their packaging without a super sticky mess. We think Victor hit it right on and we think you’ll agree.


If you love our Certified Organic Prunes and want a stickier product, we can certainly meet your specs! Just contact us by clicking here 24/7, calling us Monday through Friday, 8 am through 4 pm PST at (209) 883-4146 or toll free at (800) 552-8218, and we’ll get samples your way so you can taste and decide for yourself.


We invite you to join our happy Prune Revolution! Long live great nutrition! Long live great quality! And long live our precious earth!

Coming to Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim next month? We’ll be in Booth #1883 in Hall B. Let us know and we’ll be on the lookout for you!


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